Howland Law Firm Strategy

Strong Management Team

Having an experienced, strong, professional team behind you is crucial to success in finding funding. As markets bear witness on a regular basis, firms with strong management teams succeed over those that do not. Companies always look for a management structure that can deliver their promises, and has proven success in doing so, no matter the circumstances


At Howland Law Firm we do not specialize in particular markets, we prefer to generalize. Our leaning and expertise does however lean towards the following: medical, IT, media, telecomms, cable & networking. We can be diverse by utilizing our network of associates that enable us to use their expertise in the latter and other markets. By using these industry specific professionals we can quickly come up to speed in any industry and the nuances that drive it.
Unique Market Focus

Howland Law Firm think of this as a profiled focus on any particular market the Company serves. This gives an understanding of the reasons why the market permits Howland Law Firm to isolate itself from its competitors, and how the market produces the Company profits.

Company Size

We work mostly with firms with an annual revenue between $2.5 million to $50 million.

Company Profitability

Clients that have been successful with us have met these criteria:-

  • Positive earnings for two of the last three trading years, or can prove a business plan to profit within one year of capital investment.
  • EBITDA between 7.5% and 15% of gross revenues.

Time in Business

Our normal clients have typically been trading for over two years.