Our Services

Howland Law Firm Services

Our specialty is handling client’s finances, everything from accounting, tax evaluations and business consultancy. We devote ourselves to maximize every part of the welfare of your businesses finances. We will assist you in developing your profits and will give advice in a long-lasting business model.

One of the main criteria in the development of trust in the capital market is via an independent audit. We are committed to supplying the resource and the know how needed to assist Howland Law Firm’s Engagement Teams as they communicate audit services to a vast network of clients.

Accounting and Tax Services

Our top priority has always been to sit down and discuss with our clients. In these instances we can share past experiences, the current market, which direction your particular industry is heading, what goals you wish to aim at now and in the future and what works best for you. After our discussions, we can prioritize your options, then set goals and put plans to achieve them.

When considering how important the financial implications of accounting tax, and as a financial consultant, we are fully aware that our discussions we have together are of vital importance. As your most important adviser and support, Howland Law Firm can assist in the ever changing economic environment and build flexible plans and strategies to dovetail with your wants and objectives right down the line.

Hence the former statement that sitting down and talking is our top priority. Be that today or ongoing throughout.

Howland Law Firm are here to assist you to achieve everything that is important to you. Contact us today. You will do the talking, we will listen and together we can work.

Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Howland Law Firm is a recognized and renowned top investment banking company who represent the interests of the superior middle-market ($12-250m) companies who wish advancement through either merger or acquisition.

What We Do

The Howland Law Firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group has one overriding commitment that is to focus exclusively on representing owners of successful companies to grow their businesses through advancement by merging or through the sale of their company with a larger entity. Thus bringing in enhanced support, technical advancement and larger market share.

How We Work

Howland Law Firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group offer an incredible service to our clients which incorporates a no-cost, no obligation valuation before a contract of engagement is signed., this is a no obligation agreement. After our analysis, options will then be talked over and proposals of the next steps discussed.

First and foremost we consider ourselves as consultants and colleagues, and we actively get involved with every aspect of any transaction. This practical approach, which features absolute screening and estimation of potential buyers, is designed to lessen client’s time, which in turn allows them to give their full attention on other pressing issues. We have all the relevant experience to assist companies to turn away from any potential pitfalls before they become large, and we have the skills to act swiftly and strongly if things go amiss.

Our Commitment

The Howland Law Firm Mergers and Acquisitions Group was formed to give the best possible service, with integrity together with commitment to all our clients. We are fully aware of the most critical moments of any of our client’s business transactions and to what effect it will have on both their personal and professional lives. Our first purpose is to discuss with potential clients a thorough evaluation of shareholder and company goals, industry dynamics, financial environmental market conditions and of course valuation.

How We Add Value

The Mergers and Acquisitions Group brings together a raft of experience to very transaction, but the client’s goals and objectives are at the forefront of our consideration, and that what we propose in discussion is totally acceptable to the client when we propose structure and the closure of deals. We do this in tandem with confidentiality and are mindful of the competitive environment that normally increases a company’s value.

Our Reputation

Our team is built with professionals that are either investment bankers or former ones and not just business brokers. Annually, we take on a limited number of new clients and turn down assignments often. The Mergers and Acquisitions Group gets results: And more than 95% of our income will come via successful deals, unlike other competitors. Our former clients are so happy with our service that they still remain as friends.

Strategic Management Services

Howland Law Firm understand that the proper road to success normally has two parts: The strategy and how it is implemented. Our approach to critical management reflects this and embraces both components.

There is also two ways of operating a business, running it and running it successfully, and the key element is strategic planning. The plan has to be flexible enough to change to market fluctuations and changing environments, but has to meet all the objectives that were set.

Howland Law Firm also comprehend that adhering to a strategic plan is not an easy course, it is not easy to stay on track as you have to allocate time to police it. At times it seems a waste of resource and that your energies would be better off elsewhere. When this happens then control has already gone and the rest of the time will be spent fighting fires.

Proper management and leadership must be implemented to carry your strategic plan forward, this is especially the case when limited resources are available. When this is the case, Howland Law Firm’s strategic management team can give assistance.

Valuation Services

Howland Law Firm’s Services Division brings together many skill sets that can be utilized in the commitment of “the art and science” of valuation, financial and litigation support services. The Division are specialists in valuation and that’s all they do. In return this assists in helping focus on the highest level of service and valuation standards. We are also open for any independent valuation services.


The successful Valuation Division was by the creation of combining two nationally recognized companies. New York Business Valuation Services and Delaware Valuation Counselors. This combination has given birth to a national company that is at the top as a leading full service valuation advisory company that focuses in business and tangible asset valuation together with financial and litigation advice and support center.

The Valuation Division has an impressive reputation for its complete range of services (real estate, financial, machinery, equipment) and as professionals at what they do. Their reputation also as a leading independent valuation firm is nationwide. Howland Law Firm’s Valuation Division has has dealings with some of America’s largest corporations as well as firms in the middle-market sector. In essence the Division offers a true alternative to any competition and offers a credible alternative that is national, high quality, cost-competitive and offers a full and complete service.


The Valuation Division is filled with professional consultants that are used to dealing with hundreds of assignments every year. Our valuers draw their experience from the work that they have previously undertaken in past and different industries. These include consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare/life science, high technology/telecommunications, industrial products and real estate. This variety of skills and background gives an enviable experience that can assist in all advisory situations in finance and valuations for a myriad of sectors.

The professionals that work in the Valuation Division also testify on a regular basis, in some of the large commercial, bankruptcy and tax litigation cases. The team are familiar with giving legal testimonies, have consulted in Internal Revenue issues and have worked closely with lawyers, accountants, lenders and investment bankers. Our professionals usually help in arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations.

Professional and Accredited

Howland Law Firms Valuation Division is a pot puri for individualism and home to senior valuation experts (many previously worked for the Big-5) top professionals and financial consultants from Wall Street. This powerful mix of experience and skills are behind driving the Valuation Division’s success not only at a corporate level but also in the courts.

The Valuation Division requires that all of their team achieve the appropriate professional qualifications that enhance their capabilities to assist the growing needs of clients. Here at Dover Law a number of our consultants are part of the USSA (United States Society of Appraisers), which are responsible for designating accreditation’s according on the education and the submission of former appraisal work. A number of our team have also undergone or are taking the Chartered Financial Analyst program which has a fully comprehensive curriculum. It bases its parameters of a global body of investment and analytical knowledge. In addition to all this we actively employ Members of the Appraisal Institute who are the leaders in real estate appraisal. Many of our team are also licensed Certified Public Accountants. In summary the experience and history of all our team enables us to fully appreciate and take valuations as both “art and science”.

The Benefit

It is without doubt that an erudite and well educated group of employees helps to build a top project team that deliver on all counts, however, it is not the only criteria. It also is key that the skill sets and adherence to quality is also a part, together with interactive skills to be able to negotiate effectively with all relevant parties, right up to director level and above. This includes, regulatory authorities (such as SEC, IRS, OIG), equity investors, shareholders, the legal judiciary, Here at Howland Law Firm or Valuation Division fully understand that every client is different as are their needs and requirements, we therefore commit ourselves fully to have empathy to understand exactly what our clients require, and we take immense pride in achieving and surpassing them.